Charities & Houses


Kingswood House is proud to support many worthwhile causes in keeping with our charitable status. It is our policy to help charities who directly work with children, as much as possible. Our main source of fundraising comes from “House Days” which are organised by Senior pupils and House staff throughout the year. However, there are many other days where we work in tandem with external organisations to raise the profile of important initiatives - such as Mental Health Awareness Day.

The House System

At Kingswood House, pupils are placed into one of four Houses when they join the school: Drake, Marlborough, Nelson or Wellington. House points are awarded for academic effort and attainment or at a teacher’s discretion for successfully representing the school’s values in association with The Kingswood House Way. Regular competitions are also held across sport, art, music and drama which generate a lot of excitement from the participants! The House points are accrued on a weekly basis and the House with the biggest total wins the House Cup each term – there is also an overall winner of the House Cup at the end of the academic year which is presented at Prize Giving.

House Families

Boys and girls are assigned to vertically-streamed House Families within their Houses. The idea is adapted from a concept from St Andrew’s University, where each new student is assigned a second year “parent” and a final year “grandparent” with whom the fresher can spend time and become accustomed to their new surroundings. As such, our students have been carefully divided into “families”, each of which boasts a cross-section of pupils from Lower Prep, Upper Prep and Seniors. They work as a team in House Meetings on a fortnightly basis as well as a dedicated afternoon at the start of each term and it is hugely rewarding to see the great mentorship in evidence between older pupils and their younger counterparts.


Admissions Update re: Coronavirus

Kingswood House remains open for applications to join the school although additional
safeguards are in place to protect the interests of all parties. Please follow the link to our
admissions page in order to read more about our streamlined process and how to apply for a


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