The Kingswood House sports department provides our pupils with an environment in which they are able to develop their sporting skills across a vast and intriguing curriculum. Our “sport for all” approach enables children of all ages and abilities to achieve sporting success in a variety of different sports.

With each class having one PE lesson a week the emphasis is placed away from mainstream sports. This lets the pupils participate in sports that they would not otherwise consider – such as basketball, gymnastics, orienteering and climbing. Alongside this every year group has several Games lessons a week, including one full afternoon of sport. GCSE PE option involves both practical and theory lessons.

The sports coached are football, rugby, hockey, netball and cricket with regular competitive fixtures against other local schools enabling the students to transfer the skills that they learn into a match environment. After-school practice sessions allow pupils extra time to develop their skills alongside their fitness generally; these are open to every child in the school and there is no need to sign up, pupils can simply turn up and play. There are also separate extra-curricular clubs offering, for example, tennis, fencing and judo.

We boast a sports department containing numerous qualified coaches over a wide range of sports. This enables us to excel in every area of our high quality curriculum.

Sport at Kingswood House has moved from strength to strength, highlighted by our ability to compete at a high level of prep school sport.

We are delighted to announce that Kingswood House has acquired new sports pitches in association with Ashtead Cricket Club. They are a large, expansive facility which will allow us to train, practice and play many more fixtures across the age and ability range. It is a statement of intent for the School in order to develop our inclusive policy of “Sport for All”. The pitches, which are in fantastic condition, are located within very close proximity to the School..

We will be hosting our Home fixtures throughout the Autumn & Spring Terms for Football and Rugby at Parsons Mead venue, and during the Summer Term at the Pavilion, main ground, Ashtead Cricket Club. 


Curriculum Taught Activities

Health and FitnessNetball
Short TennisBadminton
Dance and MovementVolleyball

Aims of PE and Games

To maintain and stimulate pupil interest and enjoyment in PE and to promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles.

To enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as safety awareness, politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative and independence.  The establishment of pupil self esteem through the development of physical confidence is a major aim of PE at KHS.

We offer a Sport for All programme that encourages all children irrespective of ability to represent their school. We understand that although sport in Prep Schools is historically based around team sports, we appreciate that this does not suit all and encourage children through our Options Programme which allows them to try new activities which they will hopefully continue through into their senior school and beyond.

PE and Games Timetable

Year GroupPhysical Education (white kit)Games (green kit)Additional
Year 1Monday Tuesday
Year 3FridayTuesday & Thursday1 x 1h swimming
Year 4FridayTuesday & ThursdayOptional 1 hr after school training
Year 5MondayTuesday & Wednesday
Year 6Monday (6B & 6S)Tuesday & Wednesday (6B & 6S)
Year 7 Thursday (7B & 7H ) Monday & Wednesday (7B & 7H)
Year 8Tuesday (8H) Friday (8K & 8S)Monday & Wednesday (8H, 8K & 8S)
Year 9 - 11GCSE option pupils see separate own timetableTuesday & Thursday

PE & Games Lessons

From Year 2 to Year 8, each class will have one PE lesson a week and several Games lessons as detailed in the table above. GCSE pupils in Years 9 – 11 will have three lessons a week which will include practical and theory lessons. All pupils in Years 9 – 11 will have three Games lessons. Pupils should come into school in their PE or Games kit as appropriate on the relevant day; fleeces or coats should be worn over kit not blazers. All pupils should expect Games lessons to be on grass / the field and should bring their boots in. High standards  are expected from pupils in the correct kit – failure to do so will result in a kit mark – if a pupil receives three of these in a half term they will be given a PE detention at morning break.

Practice nights

After-school sports practice allows pupils extra time to develop their skills. This is open to every child in the school and there is no need to sign up – just turn up and play. If your child is keen to represent the school and be picked for the A and B teams, they should make every effort to attend as many sports practices as possible. Training will take place from 1610 until 1655 with pick up at 1700 from the school car park. If it is necessary to cancel sports practice due to inclement weather, all pupils will be sent to prep and collection will remain at 1700. Pupils are welcome to wear their own sports clothing if sports practice is on a different day to their timetables PE or Games lessons.

Sports Practice Rota

Years 1 - 6Friday
Years 7 - 11Monday


  • Sports Department Tel. No. 01372 746590
  • In the event of bad weather please phone the Sports Dept on the above number to receive a recorded message.
  • Please ensure your child takes an inhaler and epi-pen to school on sports days if required.
  • Parents are invited to all matches. The teams welcome your support.

There will be no practice during the last week of term.


Please see Mr Hendry’s letter to parents for the start of term below…

Autumn Term Information Letter 2022