Every pupil is encouraged to become confident and proficient in all aspects of Mathematics. The ISEB Maths Curriculum encapsulates the Common Entrance curriculum as well as making allowances for pupils sitting scholarship exams in the Summer and those that need extra help with their studies.

Maths Enrichment

Maths was the subject focus in the second half of the Autumn Term as part of The Kingswood House Way initiative.

This is a short summary of activities across the school during this time:

In the Maths department we know that some children are visual learners, some are auditory learners and some prefer a more kinaesthetic approach. We therefore try to combine all methods of learning so that all favoured approaches are catered to. We aim to foster a love for learning mathematics and to develop an ability to problem solve and learn independently.

We also understand that there are literally thousands of methods for solving mathematical problems so we will persevere until we find a method that each child can understand and remember in the future.

Wherever possible we enforce the learning and understanding using practical activities which we have found help most children with their retention and ability to recall information in exams.

Maths is taught in class up to Year 4 and then by the subject specialist teachers from Year 5. The latest resources support learning including interactive touchscreen TV’s and iPads.

Admissions Update re: Coronavirus

Kingswood House remains open for applications to join the school although additional
safeguards are in place to protect the interests of all parties. Please follow the link to our
admissions page in order to read more about our streamlined process and how to apply for a


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