The Senior Years at Kingswood House offer a unique, forward-thinking brand of education for boys through to GCSE; we will be welcoming girls from September 2021. As well as a strong academic platform, our students benefit from a carefully constructed programme of all-round learning that will equip them with the tools to successfully continue their journey into further education or employment.

Mr Sukhdeo – Head of Seniors

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Kingswood House prides itself on having a supportive environment in which each individual can achieve his, or her, potential and feel valued. This philosophy remains of paramount importance in our Senior Years. We passionately believe that every boy, and girl, is entitled to an inspirational learning environment and our small class sizes, and wonderful form tutor system, ensure that this aim is universally achieved.

Our eminent, holistic commitment enables every member of staff to draw upon their deep-rooted experience in order to better understand, nurture and guide each pupil in their care, yielding a steady growth in independence and self-esteem. These two factors propagate significant academic progress, relative to each child’s ability, as well as equitable mental health and well-being. Our record of academic and pastoral success is documented in outstanding recent ISI Inspectorate reports; in each of these, our inclusive ethos and genuine ambition for each boy are highlighted as fundamental strengths of the school.

An introductory GCSE syllabus commences in Year 9 with assessments in the spring term, following which options are determined for the next two years. At this time, there is a GCSE Options Information Meeting for Year 9 parents when all Heads of Department talk through the demands of the course, and discuss each pupil’s suitability for their subject, in order that an informed decision can be reached.



In Year 9, all pupils participate in a business and enterprise module delivered by STRIDE – an education enrichment company who specialise in opening young people’s minds to the corporate world. The aim of the course is to foster an entrepreneurial mind-set and to successfully instil the skills, knowledge and aspirations that young people will need in order to be successful in their future careers. They work in small groups to create a brand and develop a product with a strict budget, under the tutelage of a STRIDE mentor, and the culmination of their work sees them undertake a formal presentation in front of a panel of judges as well as an audience of staff and parents.

STRIDE classes


Emotional Intelligence

In Year 9, pupils also undertake a unique course that builds upon the ‘soft skills’ gained in their STRIDE Business & Enterprise module in the autumn term. Presented by Roz McLeod, founder of “The Ultimate Voice” and an eminent speaker in her field, our pupils take a carefully-designed Emotional Intelligence Course across five weeks in the spring term, the benefits of which will last a life-time.

Key topics include:

Who am I? Self-awareness; self-management; empathy and interpersonal skills.
Emotional Intelligence & Resilience: Definition and how it relates to us and the wider world.
Social Intelligence & Resilience: Definition and how it relates to us and the wider world.
What happens next? GCSEs, outcomes, A Levels, outcomes, University/Apprenticeships, outcomes … taking control of your outcomes and starting with the end in mind.
Awareness of our Strengths & Interests: What career might work for me? This session will include the use of some career advice software for one or two pupils to have the chance to use as part of the session to establish options for direction for the future.
Real Confidence and where it comes from: Getting our “butterflies in formation”.
The Working World & Becoming Employable: Interview preparation for Further Education or work: selling ourselves, body language, Sixth Form college and University applications etc.
Presentation Skills: Body Language, presentation and punctuality.

In Year 10, the GCSE curriculum starts in earnest and parents are invited to a Sixth Form Evening to consider further education or employment routes after Kingswood House. Our experienced careers advisor meets with each family in the summer term, after exam results are received, where future opportunities are matched against each pupil’s attainment, personality and skills.

Early in Year 11, each pupil and his or her parents meet with the Headmaster and Head of Seniors in a Further Education Meeting to confirm that applications have been made to appropriate institutions in a timely manner. Predicated grades are discussed and an individual plan is drawn up to help each student expedite the very best level of progress during the important year ahead. Study Leave commences after approximately three weeks of the summer term; however, we offer a full timetable of lessons or seminars every day during this timeframe for those pupils who prefer to study in school.

All these details can be found in our Senior Options Brochure 2021-22

There is a broad and exciting range of contemporary initiatives to complement our academic curriculum. The STRIDE programme is a dynamic Business & Entrepreneurial module undertaken in Year 9 alongside which the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme commences. Pupils represent the school in competitive fixtures across all major sports and are able to audition for the School Production.

It is an expectation that all senior students personify the values of the Kingswood House Way and be excellent role models for their younger counterparts; in return, they benefit from certain privileges: a Google Chromebook for educational research, a distinctive black blazer (with the option to wear a waistcoat in Year 11), town leave to Epsom every Friday lunchtime and the privacy of their own senior common room. In keeping with our inclusive ethos, the significant positions of responsibility such as Senior Head Boy / Girl, Senior Deputy Head Boys / Girls and Senior Prefects are open to application. Appointments are made following a round of interviews with the Headmaster, Deputy Head and Head of Seniors.

At Kingswood House, the Senior Years offer an unparalleled opportunity for our students to learn, mature and grow in self-esteem in a friendly, supportive environment of mutual respect. The new “Peter Brooks” building, which opened in September 2018, is a wonderful resource and boasts customised teaching accommodation as well as a common room, a seminar room, a library, an exam room and offices for senior staff.

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To reference current year information for parents please see Seniors Information Evening for Parents 2020-21

Or watch this video put together by Mr Sukhdeo to give a flavour of our Senior years here

Our Senior Options GCSE brochure is now available - please download from here or contact the office for a printed copy.

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