We are passionate about reading at Kingswood House and one of our principal aims is to ensure that our pupils become inspired and accomplished readers of all kinds of literature.

The teaching of English is, of course, an instrumental part of this process and pupils enjoy reading and exploring books and poems throughout the school. To support this, we have timetabled reading periods which provide further opportunities to read both independently and with others.

We also have a Reading Club, and a Paired Reading Club in which older pupils support younger ones in their reading.

The school has an excellent library and each classroom is well-stocked with its own mini-library. We stand by the belief that literature is worth studying for its own sake, whilst always ensuring that the pupils are well-prepared for their exams.

We teach our students to become accomplished writers in creative, analytical, informative and persuasive contexts; we encourage them to develop an extensive vocabulary, and we take grammar very seriously as something which forms the foundation blocks for effective and engaging communication.

In all of this, we want our pupils to appreciate that using language well is fun, satisfying and rewarding.

Current reading lists:

EYFS and KS1 – please download a copy here

Year 3 and Year 4 – please download a copy here

Year 5 and Year 6 – pleae download a copy here

Year 7 and Year 8 – please download a copy here

Seniors – please download a copy here


What some our pupils have to say…

Elliott L, Year 10: ‘Books can take you to places you could never reach in real life – and you don’t even need to leave the sofa!’


Jude P, Year 8: ‘English is very personal. We can explore so many interesting ideas through literature, and it is not about being right or wrong!’


Angelo C, Year 7: ‘English is full of fun activities. I love making up characters and using them in stories and I love adding descriptive words to my writing. Once I start a story, I have to finish.’


Theo M, Year 4: ‘I like English because I am proud of my story-writing. I like to write about all sorts of things but my favourite was “The Huge Pump”


Some of the books we read together, from Pre-Prep through to Year 8

Katie Morag – Island Stories by Mairi Hedderwick

Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr

Chimney Child by Laurie Sheehan

The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber

Theseus and the Minotaur by Pierce Feirtear

King Arthur by Andrew Matthews and Peter Utton

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Kensuki’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Skellig by David Almond

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce

A Medal for Leroy by Michael Morpurgo

Journey’s End by R.C. Sherriff

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne



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