Scholarships & Bursaries


We have an impressive record of Academic and All-Rounder Scholarships and Exhibitions, both into our own Senior Years as well as to many other prestigious Senior Schools.

Scholars 2023

D BraithwaiteAcademic Exhibition
J DowlingAcademic Exhibition
I GoheerAcademic Exhibition
A MohammadihaAcademic Exhibition
K WhitingAcademic Exhibition

Scholars 2022

B Miller Academic Exhibition
C TowersHeadmaster's Award
Y MassoudAcademic Exhibition

Scholars 2020

G ChungAcademic Scholarship
C EdwardsAcademic Headmaster's Award
S PhilipsAcademic Scholarship
J SeemampillaiAcademic Scholarship
K Thanushan Academic Scholarship
M Ozaan MananAcademic Exhibition
A GrattonAcademic Scholarship & Sports Scholarship - Box Hill school
T WoodAll-Rounder Exhibition

Scholars 2019

J BeckmanAll-Rounder Exhibition
B ChoyAll-Rounder Exhibiton
O CourtneyAll-Rounder Scholarship
E FisherAll Rounder Exhibition
R GibbsAcademic Exhibition
B PodoprigoraAcademic Scholarship
M RussellAcademic Exhibition
T SpickAcademic Exhibition
E WalkerAcademic Scholarship

Academic & All-Rounder Scholarships

Year 7 and 9 Scholarships

Kingswood House has a proud record of academic and all-round achievement. We offer academic scholarships for entry into Years 7 and 9; any other year entry will be considered on an individual basis at time of application for entry to the school. Academic scholarships entail attendance at an assessment morning where candidates will sit papers in English, mathematics, and, where deemed appropriate, Verbal Reasoning, and have an interview with a senior member of staff. All subjects will be based on the National Curriculum in order to be accessible to children from both the independent and maintained sectors.

All-Rounder scholarships will be assessed by the submission of a portfolio of evidence in relation to two or more areas of excellence from the following disciplines: Sport, Music, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Citizenship. A short interview and related observation will normally be conducted as a part of the process on, or close to, the assessment day. Candidates will be expected to satisfy the School’s normal academic entrance criteria. A reference from the boy or girl’s current school should be provided at the time of submission together with supporting references from outside agencies in respect of All-Rounder applications.

Scholarships carry a financial value as outlined below – which can be supplemented, where there is a genuine need for bursarial assistance, by up to 100% of the termly fees.

Academic or All-Rounder Scholarship: 15-30%

Academic or All-Rounder Exhibition: 5-15%

Headmaster’s Award: Discretionary

The award of a scholarship into Year 7 or Year 9 will be recorded on the Kingswood House honours board. The Kingswood House scholarship programme is open to internal and external candidates and is a meritocracy. Awards are offered to children who show both strong ability and future potential. Please note, all awards are reviewed annually, dependent upon consistent effort and attainment.

Deadline dates for submission of applications, and assessment dates, for the next academic year are:

Year 7 & Year 9 application by Friday 26 January 2024; Assessment Day Saturday 3 February 2024


Academic Scholarship Application Form

All-Rounder Scholarship Application Form


Registration forms for the school or Bursary applications are available on request by emailing



The Governors of Kingswood House School are committed to broadening access to the school by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of schools fees. Such support is known as a Bursary and these may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants.

Bursaries may be made available to parents/guardians of children entering any year group. Parents/guardians seeking a bursary are required to complete the School’s Registration Form and an application form which seeks to establish the financial circumstances of the household. Their child may then be invited into the School for an assessment day to ensure that they would benefit from the education offered by Kingswood House.

Bursaries are also available for existing parents/guardians where a change in circumstances has resulted in difficulty meeting tuition fees and may result in the child being withdrawn part way through a stage of education. Parents/guardians seeking a bursary are required to complete an application form which seeks to establish the financial circumstances of the household.

All bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Governors, and the Headmaster and School Bursar are responsible for the management and coordination of the process. All bursaries are means tested and have terms and conditions. For further information, please contact the Bursar by emailing the office,

All bursaries and scholarships may be withdrawn in accordance with the terms upon which such award is made or in accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions.

Sibling Discounts

Kingswood House offers 5% discount on tuition fees for siblings.