Upper Prep


In the Upper Prep, there is a convivial atmosphere of friendship and purpose. Our pupils continue their journey of all-round enrichment and learn to think independently so that they are prepared for the move into our Senior Years. We build each child’s confidence by giving them a strong academic platform, together with important life skills, that will enable them to grow in self-belief and help them achieve their full potential.

There is a philosophy at Kingswood House of educating the whole child, nurturing confidence and developing self-esteem. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy their learning and develop their skills in a calm environment of intellectual curiosity.

Our teachers are talented, dedicated and caring professionals who bring learning to life and inspire their charges by plentiful use of encouragement and praise. In the spirit of inclusion, children of all abilities are suitably challenged and sensitively supported in their thirst for knowledge.

We believe in small classes, with a maximum number of eighteen pupils, and each year group is typically divided into two or three streams with discrete sets for mathematics. Although the form teacher remains an important influence, and maintains an overview of each child’s academic and pastoral well-being, subject specialists are increasingly introduced from Year 5 onwards.

The Headmaster meets with parents during the spring term of Year 5 to provide an overview of each child’s progress and discuss suitable options for the future. Whilst it is our expectation that most boys and girls will move seamlessly into our Senior Years, we also boast an excellent track record in Year 6 of offers for a minority of children to an array of selective schools. There are competitive internal and external scholarships available into Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 for suitable candidates.

Our students benefit not only from a great platform of academic study but also an exciting range of extra-curricular opportunity. There are numerous teams and clubs across Art, Drama, Design & Technology, ICT, Music and Sport. Additionally, we pride ourselves upon a wonderful selection of day and residential trips, such as the Jersey Tour and an outward bound trip to Wales, during which time the participants develop key leadership skills and cement a team ethic of mutual trust and respect.

We are proud that Kingswood House pupils join Upper Prep as children and move on to Senior Years as confident, courteous and well-rounded young adults.

Our brochure, Learning for Life Co-Education at Kingswood House is available: here  

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Mr Liam Clarke, Assistant Head, Head of Upper Prep

Year 5
9-10 years old
Year 6
10-11 years old
Year 7
11-12 years old
Year 8
12-13 years old

Residential Trips

Pupils in Upper Prep have the opportunity to go on numerous trips and a residential trip each year.
In Year 5 we go to PGL in the Autumn Term, in Year 6 we stay at Walton Firs, Year 7 visit France and in Year 8 the student enjoy an Outward Bound course in Wales.