Gifted, Talented and Interested (GTi)


During a pupil’s time at Kingswood House, he or she may be identified as gifted, talented or interested (GTi) in a subject.

This information is intended to give you an insight into what ‘gifted’, ‘talented’ or ‘interested’ means at Kingswood House and the provision that is available for such children. Scholarships are available for internal and external candidates, via a competitive annual process, into Years 3,5 7 and 9 – please see here for more details on how to apply.

What does being ‘gifted’ mean?

The definition of being ‘gifted’ in a subject means that pupils show exceptional aptitude, placing them in the top 5-10% of students in each cohort, or a national equivalent. The identification process will utilise evidence from a variety of sources (listed below) that include general school assessment policy and standardised tests:

  • Teacher nomination in core and foundation subjects (based on classroom observation, discussion with pupils, teacher questioning, work scrutiny etc.)
  • Referral by parents (where talents are primarily exhibited outside of school)
  • Subject specific checklists
  • Cognitive ability testing
  • Attainment in class

What happens when my child is identified as ‘gifted’, ‘talented’ or ‘interested’ (GTi) in a subject?

Teachers will make special provision for your child’s abilities within lessons. Work will be carefully differentiated to ensure that your son or daughter is receiving an appropriate level of support and challenge. Pupils are also encouraged to attend certain extra-curricular events within school and GTi events outside school. Opportunities to contribute to the subject enrichment programme, which changes each half of term, will be of significant value and warmly encouraged. Talent can be evidenced at any time during a child’s development. In view of this, teachers may identify pupils at any time throughout their schooling at Kingswood House. On occasions, those individuals who show a good, but not exceptional talent in a specific area, may be included in GTi provision if they show an exceptional interest and motivation.


Each year, there will be one formal GTi overview, culminating in a list across the age and ability range, which teachers will use as a primary source for planning and delivering lessons with appropriate extension work. This will be primarily based upon cognitive data held upon each child.

Additionally, each half of term there will be separate record of pupils whom teachers nominate for the relevant subject enrichment focus (see below). The identified students will be entered onto a discrete GTi register which will be a working document and subject to regular change with each progression to a new discipline.

Subject Enrichment

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. The Arts
  4. Science
  5. Languages
  6. Citizenship



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