Upper Prep


Our primary focus is the Common Entrance syllabus, though we incorporate many aspects of the National Curriculum and of course prepare boys for
their pre-tests.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals who use every opportunity to bring learning to life, creating more opportunity for each child to take part in the many varied activities that are on offer to him.
We believe in small classes, so each year group in the junior school is divided into two streams. Subject specialists start to be introduced in Year 5. In the spirit of ‘inclusion’ children of all abilities are both challenged and sensitively supported in their drive for knowledge.
Smaller classes enable us to concentrate fully on the individual child, nurturing confidence and developing self-esteem. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy their learning and develop their skills.
Upper Prep years provide an environment specifically designed to promote academic learning. The Common Entrance syllabus starts in Year 6 and continues through Years 7 and 8. The CE syllabus is excellent preparation for GCSE and prepares boys for our Senior School or their future senior school.
Pupils are taught by specialists who show their enthusiasm through imaginative preparation and a well- planned curriculum. They respond to each pupil as an individual, adapting their teaching to accommodate different learning styles.
Boys are challenged not only by the academic rigours that come with Common Entrance but also through the exciting range of extra-curricular opportunities they have, such as the Jersey sports tour and our exceptional post CE programme including an outward bound trip to Wales.
Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners to acquire the confidence and the life skills to further their education in secondary schools and beyond.
We are committed to providing our pupils and staff with the best teaching aids possible; our ICT suite is regularly upgraded, we have laptops and iPads for use by the pupils and interactive whiteboards are in evidence throughout the whole school.

Mr Liam Clarke, Head of Upper Prep

Year 5
9-10 years old
Year 6
10-11 years old
Year 7
11-12 years old
Year 8
12-13 years old

Residential Trips

Boys in Upper Prep have the opportunity to go on numerous trips and a residential trip each year.
In Year 5 we go to PGL in the Autumn Term, in Year 6 we stay at Walton Firs, Year 7 visit France and in Year 8 the boys enjoy an Outward Bound course in Wales.