Year 6 Battle it out at Bodiam Castle

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As the sun rose over Senlac Hill, Battle was invaded for a second time. This time not by blood thirsty Normans but by the Year 6 boys of Kingswood House.  The boys had a fantastic day and learnt all about the battle, they even re-enacted the fight, but still saw the same outcome, a Norman victory.

After leaving school at 0830 we arrived at Battle just after 1000 and were some of the first visitors of the day to arrive at the site. It was a fantastic start and the boys had the chance to try some Saxon armour and weapons before heading out on to the battlefield for their own version of the battle. After cavalry charges and archers fire, Harold Godwinson was again shot in the eye. The dead and wounded then picked themselves up and continued the trip. We looked at the site where Harold is thought to have been killed and walked around the remains of the Medieval monastery.  After a quick visit to the gift shop we jumped back on the bus and headed over to Bodiam castle.

We first enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine (despite the invasion of a different kind, the dreaded ducks!) and then made our way into the castle. Bodiam is one of the finest examples of a Medieval fortress and the boys had a fantastic time learning about all the gruesome ways of attacking a medieval knight and how best to defend against attack. We had the chance to walk around the castle and climb up the tower for a stunning view over the surrounding countryside.

After a great day it was time to go home. The boys had really enjoyed their trip and were fantastically behaved, seeing lots but also getting lots of work done! Bodiam and Battle, we will see you again next year.

Mr Marler

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