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Reality and perceptions of reality are obviously two very different things. Here at KHS the children have individual attention and are challenged in all aspects of young life and education. I believe that this is a huge benefit.

We have a well-deserved reputation for helping pupils in our Study Centre and we have improved enormously in delivering the curriculum so every child benefits – from the gifted and talented through to those requiring extra support. We make such a difference to our pupils.

Learning support is often perceived negatively but it is only a perception and certainly not a reality. Looking at it another way, we all learn to be better teachers so we, in turn, help children to learn as well. The end product in Year 8 is KHS pupils going to top academic schools and we have regular awards in all areas of the curriculum including Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport.

Every child can succeed which is why KHS gives every child the chance to succeed. Our small school means individual attention and individual learning which leads to high self-esteem, confidence and children who can reach for their dreams.

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