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What happens when your Learning Support children are perceived as not very bright?

What a shame to think that because of your needs you are thought of by some as not well. Our boys are actually rather amazing. They don’t have three heads, they don’t throw chairs out of windows – what they do do is work hard, go to the same senior schools as everyone else, achieve Scholarships and enjoy the KHS journey.

They come to school to learn and enjoy the experience. They have fun, play sport, get involved in Art, Drama, Music and all the other experiences and challenges that are put before Prep school children. They do not appear to have special needs and because of our gifted teaching they flourish in so many ways. As teachers, we don’t just stand in front of a class and recite today’s lesson, we engage with our pupils, build a relationship and encourage growth. Come and see for yourself!

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Welcome to the Head

Matthew Bryan

“It’s a huge privilege to be coming in as Head at Kingswood House, particularly in this its 125th year. KHS is an exciting, kind, progressive and ambitious school and I’m looking forward to building on the foundations laid by my predecessors to take the school from strength to strength”.