The 7 C’s

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Confidence, curiosity, communication, creativity, commitment, craftsmanship and collaboration.
I once saw these described as the ‘Seven C’s’ and it set me thinking about what are the important outcomes of education?
Of course we need the grades but what is it that then sets individuals apart?
We live in a world that is far more connected than it has ever been but appears more disjointed; conflict exists all over the place, mostly through lack of understanding or intolerance.
We do need to educate young people to understand and accept other beliefs and cultures.  Young children seem to me to be born without the desire to hate or have a difference of opinion – they are taught these things.
Much of what we learn we learn from each other, traditions, values, languages and ways of doing things. A school should be a learning community where people come together and where the teacher can facilitate this culture.
We need children to be challenged and encouraged to make mistakes, to have a go, be challenged to be a leader, to be independent and to collaborate.
At KHS we enjoy success and encourage improvement on the sports field; in the classroom; in drama productions; in music; in fact everywhere – in every corridor and in every aspect of school life.

Mr Brooks

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