School Ski Trip to Switzerland

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The passports and EHIC cards were packed and energy could be felt in the corridors of KHS on the last day before half term, at least from those going on the ski trip.  A first tour to Meiringen, Switzerland.

For those who were flying it was an early meet at Kingswood House (5am !) but the smooth journey meant that all 44 of us were in resort and kitted out before dinner.  Meiringen is a small, calm ski resort situated in the Haslital valley in the Bernese Oberland, famous for its meringues and the Reichenbach Falls where Sherlock Holmes met his end!

The snowy start on Sunday soon changed to a fantastic week of glorious sunshine with fabulous skiing conditions, good food, comfortable accommodation and a lot of laughing.

We were all up on the slopes early, but this was worth it as we were rewarded with the best skiing of the day on the newly groomed slopes. The sun shone bright all day, the skies were that beautiful clear blue.  While this meant the lower slopes were a bit mushy at the end of the day the beautiful weather was most agreeable to all, extensive terrain was covered and sunrays were enjoyed at the chalet stops.

It was a delight to see the children, and parents, achieving improved levels of skiing throughout the week.  We had several beginners successfully skiing red runs by the end of the week. Our more experienced in the party enjoyed greater adventures hitting all the slopes, including the more challenging black ones.

Apres ski was loud, with not a moment to be missing school!

Thank you to the staff, instructors and families for making the 2015 ski trip another happy, memorable holiday to add the  “KHS Ski Memoirs”.

We have returned to Kingswood House School with goggle-eyed tans, fit and renewed vigor for the second half of the term.

More photos from the trip can be found in our Gallery – click here for more photos

Liam Clarke, Peter Brooks, Sally Witts, Tom Laudy

Ski Trip

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