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We now have all the results in from the Year 6 Pre-Tests and I am delighted with the efforts of all the boys.

We had success at Epsom, St John’s, Reed’s, CLFS, Ewell Castle and Box Hill as well as King’s Wimbledon, so I am very pleased for the boys and staff who have put in so much effort and hard work.

What is equally pleasing for us at KHS is that these boys also starred in ‘Oliver’ so they continued to work and play, which is what should happen.
On top of all that success Rohan Eldred was awarded an Academic Scholarship to Trinity, and both an Academic and Music to Ewell Castle; Callum Danks was awarded an Academic and Sports Scholarship to Ewell Castle. This is no mean feat for a school of this size.

Added to this Oliver Folloy-Marsh is currently in Bulgaria training with the Olympic Ski Team and a recent old boy, Ben Hayes, has been picked for Surrey Rugby.

We currently have two Senior boys sitting their Academic Scholarships to Royal Grammar School, Guildford and St John’s and finally, we have one boy sitting a King’s Wimbledon Academic Scholarship next term.

We wish them all well and congratulations to all for what we as a school have achieved so far.
Well done everyone!
Mr Brooks

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