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This week’s Enrichment theme was ‘Treasure Hunts (use of QR Codes)- ‘Gathering Data through all senses’!




The Treasure Hunts were a fantastic opportunity to engage the boys in meaningful way to consolidate and test the understanding of a topic. It never ceases to amaze me how much a little competition can engage boys with the range of abilities! The competitive element was definitely injected into this task which I don’t think had anything to do with the mention of a prize at the end!

The Maths Trails/ Treasure Hunts also gave the boys an opportunity to develop their problem solving, reasoning and fluency skills, through a kinaesthetic approach to learning. The use of ICT and QR codes enhanced the activity as the data was readily available and feedback was instantaneous. The boys had to employ a range of mathematical skills and called upon all their senses to gather their data. The boys certainly agreed that there was a direct correlation between the avenues that were available to reach the data and their ability to solve the task; which ensured the cementing of key skills and conceptual understanding of a range of topics.

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