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As we come back to school I thought it was important to consider what it is that makes our school the kind of place children want to spend time at and parents appreciate.

As we at Kingswood House begin a new adventure I wondered what the children look forward to about coming back to school.

Well our Year 9’s I think are going to be the most privileged of all the boys in the country! We have spent the summer creating a living and working space for them, that no other Year 9’s will have, where they have a study area with their own computers, iPads and top of the range Samsung TV and interactive board and a fridge.

It isn’t all just about the Year 9’s –  all the boys that are returning will receive that first class education that comes when teachers want to engage their youngsters in their education and want to be not only the best teacher but the teacher that everyone remembers.

Boys will be learning beyond the classroom; they will be learning for life; they know that each one of them matters and that they are individuals who want and need success.  When they return they will find first-rate facilities that extend beyond the confines of the site and include a theatre, playing fields and the opportunity to try and explore all sorts of sports.

The Year 9s’ are the first Year 9s’ in the country to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh a year early.
In their first week they will be exploring what it means to be British with a cultural trip designed to discover England via the towns of Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool and the Peak District bringing literature, geography and history to life and seeing it all in context.

This will of course be the diet for future Year 9s’ – how exciting then to be at the beginning of a journey of learning whether you are 3 or 14 – everything is about you and your effort is rewarded in whatever field you feel you have a talent.

I cannot wait for this year to start.

Peter Brooks



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