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Nothing stays the same and as we look forward to our Easter break I thought I would write about the changes that have happened and are about to happen.

Kingswood House School is one of the happiest places to work and to be in.  The Staff are the most supportive I have met in all my guises – as an Inspector, a Governor and occasional visitor.

We have the most unique atmosphere of anywhere and it is this that should never change.

As to what it is like to have been at KHS for as long as I have (42 years), I was reflecting the other day and thought about the good times – which have been many – and an analogy that I use with parents is that you wouldn’t want to go to a 1944 dentist. By this I mean we have obviously changed and modernized – as with hopefully the dentist – but the core has remained the same – that family atmosphere, the belief in the individual and the almost absolute care given to every single person at the school.

We now have our buildings, but a good teacher makes a school, and we have them in abundance.

So our challenge is change, but it is a good thing to move forward, but to remain focussed on the cour (heart) is to remain true to yourself and to the school.

Peter Brooks

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