Headmaster Visits Sierra Leone

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The Headmaster has paid a visit to the school in Sierra Leone which KHS pupils, parents and staff are supporting. Peter Brooks travelled with the charity, Lungi Sierra Leone, in May 2014 to see the building projects which include a primary and a pre-school for 500 children. KHS has already donated lots of equipment including books and teaching resources and the children in Sierra Leone are now awaiting delivery of KHS tables and chairs.

Mr Brooks says the trip was a real eye-opener: “It is a very beautiful country but has little infrastructure in place such as water and electricity. The staff and children at the school were so welcoming and it was a real pleasure to see our pledges to support in action.”

Sierra Leone has been ravaged by civil war and income in this rural area is minimal with little effective medical care. More information on the charity can be found at www.lungisierraleone.org.uk.

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