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As we approach exam season I am reminded of a concern that I have regarding the level of competitiveness that children are experiencing, and it is not one I consider to be healthy.

Many parents feel the need to employ tutors to pore over the terms listed schemes of work – what happened to enjoyment and the love of learning?  It was always a pleasure to teach children who enjoyed the subject because it was new and fresh knowledge, there was a sense of wonderment.

For many parents success is not measured by the child’s progress, enjoyment, manners or kindness, it is only understood in test scores and the attainment of other children.  Why not encourage a child  to value ones efforts against the contents of the lesson and the knowledge shared by the teacher?  It is so much better to feel positive about yourself and not negative about where you may be placed in a class list.

Enjoy success on every level but measured against yourself.  A sense of humour, sense of worth, tolerance and empathy are very worthy indicators of whom you will become.

Children deserve a childhood and I am upset that  so many miss opportunities to act in the school play or play for the school  sports teams because they’re having a tutor lesson in preparation for a test or exam.

Children actually become ill and anxiety increases whilst they are learning that no amount of effort will ever be worth as much as attainment.

We all want our children to succeed but there must be a balance between academic excellent and the freedom of childhood.  Do not lose your child’s infant years. Slow down. Value your child.  Ask is he or she happy and kind, not what his maths score was. Let them make mistakes and enjoy the wonderful magic to growing up should be about.

Mr P Brooks


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