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From Architecture Club to meeting a Lord – by Albert Trant (Head Boy)

In Architecture Club we talk about lots of buildings and architecture.  We put interesting things in our scrap books and mine is full of pictures and designs of places that I like.

In Year 7 we visited an Exhibition celebrating 50 years of Richard Rogers’ work which is brilliant and unique.  He has designed loads of buildings in London and all over the world including the Lloyd’s Building, Channel 4 HQ, The 02 and the colourful 88 Wood Street.  I was amazed when Mr Mitchell told us in Architecture Club that Lord Rogers used to go to Kingswood House and really surprised to read he had severe dyslexia and couldn’t read until he was 11.  His parents always told him that ‘nothing was impossible’ – Richard Rogers became Lord Rogers in 1996.

Imagine how excited I felt then today standing at the front door of Kingswood House as a Head Boy with Mr Brooks and the Governors when Lord Rogers was greeted from the taxi by Mr Mitchell.  He had been invited to open The Katy Walton Memorial Buildings and he looked a bit like the Pompidou Centre, individual and colourful.

There were lots of photos taken and Lord Rogers spoke about how the School had changed, he smiled a lot and was very chilled.  Lots of parents and retired teachers were there to see the opening and chatted to me.  We showed Lord Rogers around the school and he looked at our Architecture books.  I think our next trip should be to Lord Rogers’ offices.

My day was very interesting!

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