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Do we still need handwriting or are skills such as handwriting still necessary? I have long held the view that we are a little old-fashioned in this country and could be some way behind others. The curriculum we deliver is essentially the same one the Romans taught in their schools. Are our three year olds ever going to write or will they do everything electronically? The jobs they will do haven’t yet been invented yet we persist in concentrating on poor spelling and handwriting. Why not allow them to use the technology and allow them to fly?

Many of the technologies that are created have a lifespan of seconds and what becomes available quickly becomes obsolete as it is improved upon. I run a traditional prep school, one that I am immensely proud of, but I can see a need to look beyond what has always worked and explore other options.

I have banned mobile phones but still feel that these are amazing tools for education and could be used as such. We have a bank of ipads and I have been amazed at the way in which the children’s learning has been enhanced. Should we run a school that allows you to bring your own device?

There is much to debate here and I know that many people will want to hang on to their traditional views but what we see as different and perhaps difficult the children see as normal – toddlers swipe screens instinctively because that is what they see and learn. A school should be a place of social interaction with an emphasis on team work and we need to train the future generations to be able to operate in the world beyond the classroom. It’s very exciting to think that children can be allowed to explore their learning and develop skills through the advances of technology – let’s embrace it and not be afraid of it!

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