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I am sitting at my vantage point above the new Pre-Prep classrooms and thinking what an exciting period we are entering here at Kingswood House. We have already taken possession of our Junior Block and I can feel a real difference in the way everyone has a great sense of purpose and drive – the boys’ attitude to do well has certainly increased!

The next phase will, I am sure, have a similar impact and I’m very excited about we can now offer at KHS. Of course, the classrooms are only the surface of the School because they’re not the heart and soul. We have a very special school and now, with these amazing facilities, I’m aiming for it to be the top choice in Surrey.

Our teachers are the pulse of the School and they are a truly talented bunch. Every day they can honestly say they make a difference to the children they teach; they are the teachers our children will remember.

You’re all invited to come and see our new classrooms after the Summer half term. We will be proud to show you what we have built but look closely beyond the bricks and mortar and see the way we care for our children.

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