What constitutes success in Education?

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What constitutes success in Education?

You do need to strive for independence.  Children, in particular boys, lack the ability to function on their own, they fail to make eye contact, they can’t interact with their teachers and when they are struggling they text their Mum.

Of course none of this is true of KHS children because our very reason for being is to develop these abilities and make them strengths.

Parents, of course, spend their time trying to engineer a particular outcome for their child, like finishing homework, because their own efforts won’t warrant an A on its own.

But it is not just grades that matter, it’s the ‘big picture’ that is important. The drive from parents down the wrong path is creating students who are more depressed, anxious and indeed hopeless.  We need, and indeed try to induce self-awareness and confidence through basic problem solving skills and through lots of independent learning and love.

I am sure that our children are developing with confidence and compassion which don’t necessarily equate to straight A’s but straight A’s are not the recipe for success.

Success occurs as a culmination of emotional, problem solving and intellectual skills learned during childhood.

Being the ‘big fish’ in a small pond is a much better situation that being overwhelmed in a large establishment.


Mr Peter Brooks

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