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The saying “that if one is happy in their life they succeed” is true for us at Kingswood House School. It is very rewarding to be Headmaster of an extremely happy school that consistently achieves in all it does.

As the first half term of 2015 draws to a close the pre-test results for entry to senior schools are coming in.  Boys have had offers from top academic independent and state schools, including Hampton, King’s College Wimbledon, Reed’s Cobham, St. John’s Leatherhead to mention a few.  Special mention to the two boys who achieved a place in Epsom College’s Top 10 selection out of 400.  Academic and art scholarships have already been secured at Box Hill.  With more scholarships to be sat next half term we wish the boys the best of luck.

As a non-selective school the Kingswood House results again exceeded academic expectations and are a testament to our expert staff drawing out the best of our hard-working, content pupils.  Well done boys.

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