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I often hear about the downfall of youth and how bad youngsters are today.

Well today I wanted to share with you an amazing sequence of events that have made us all so proud here at KHS.

On Thursday our Year 8’s went on a field trip for their CE Geography project to Holywell Beach, Eastbourne and during the day were queuing in a café when other people arrived. 

Well to cut a long story short read the gentleman’s’ letter here:

 Letter from Mr Hadland

It is not only such a delight that someone bothered to write but also it made us so proud.

This is what I think is so important, not more than academic achievement, but up there with it.

These young men have proved that it costs nothing to have good manners and respect and it also reflects our philosophy that kindness and tolerance are so important and what should make the world work.

Here at KHS we really do care about people and these 12/13 year olds have made my day.

Well done boys.

Mr Brooks, Headmaster

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