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A brief insight into Kingswood House through the answers to five questions:

  1. Which three words best describe the ethos of the school?

Inclusive, Supportive, Ambitious

  1. What are you most excited about for the future of the school?

I am hugely excited by our ambitious programme of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for the transition to 16+ as well as our genuine commitment to developing important values and life skills in our charges. Life beyond the school gate is not getting any easier and it is our job as educators to ensure that our boys are ready to meet those challenges and overcome them.

  1. Which of the school’s achievements are you most proud?

I am incredibly proud of our ability to maintain a genuine breadth of intake and yet be equally ambitious for all of our boys, setting high expectations of them in terms of effort, attainment and behaviour towards others. My teachers and support staff do an incredible job and are wonderful role models.

  1. What values do you aim to instil within your pupils?

The “Kingswood House Way” is the fulcrum of our school and provides a values-driven platform for all of the boys to achieve more than they believe is possible. We focus on different aspects of Respect, Integrity and Endeavour in each of the three terms of an academic year with the aim of seeing boys show a growing conceptual understanding and consistent personification of these values as they move through the school. It is a powerful icon and a unifying theme across the age ranges.

  1. What are your ambitions for the school?

I would like Kingswood House to be well-reputed for its strong values and genuine commitment to all-round learning. Nothing pleases me more than when a former pupil returns to the school and emphasises the importance of their time at Kingswood House in respect of helping them achieve their potential. I would like us to be forward-thinking enough to successfully meet the needs of the boys in the future but not to lose sight of traditional virtues such as good manners, which remain of paramount importance here.

  1. What advice would you give parents looking to find the right school?Choosing the right school for your children should be made with both the head and the heart. Clearly, it has to be logistically possible for a parent to drop and pick up with relative ease, or for there to be suitable transport links, but you should also feel warm and comfortable in the school’s environment when you visit. Chat to the key people with whom your child will spend most of their time, as well as senior staff, and you will soon be able to determine whether it is the right fit for your child. Fundamentally, a happy pupil will learn much better than an unhappy one – so make sure that there is a natural sense of care, enthusiasm and laughter! The rest will follow…


Duncan Murphy


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