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We have just launched a new brochure called Our Visions, Our Values and I wondered what was being relayed by that message.

At Kingswood House we believe that values matter and that things like manners have a very high place in our list of priorities. It doesn’t cost anything to be polite and on the whole boys come across as very polite and interested in people. They will ask if you need any help. Too often youngsters have a bad press so I believe it is important that children grow up to respect others and have an understanding of what makes a decent society.

If you smile in general people will respond positively.

Our children are happy, that is not something to be ashamed of, it means they are ready to learn and share the joy of learning with others. They are not afraid of making mistakes, they learn from them and improve. They also value the fact that we are all different and all deserve a chance in life. Tolerance is absorbed here as a way of life not as a ‘stick on’. They can aim high because no one is holding them back or saying that they can’t do this or that.

Be positive and you can achieve.

You are allowed to grow and not feel hemmed in by the pressure that society is piling onto these youngsters today. With inspirational teaching children can have an open mind, can explore and understand what they can achieve, it is not all about grades, and because of the environment you will succeed in school better than even you expected.

Download and read our brochure now or for a printed copy please phone and ask to have a new look brochure sent to you.

Education is a wonderful journey and children should enjoy it.

Mr Peter Brooks

Our Vision, Our Values click here to download

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