Lunch Menu


Our lunches are devised in accordance with the guidelines given to schools for a nutritionally balanced and varied menu.

Homemade Vegetable Soup is available daily.  Varieties include Mushroom, Tomato, Parsnip and Cauliflower.
In addition to the menu items detailed below we always offer a vegetarian main meal option.
We have a daily choice of fillings for Jacket Potatoes and wholemeal or white baguettes, also including a vegetarian option.
Ham, Cheddar Cheese and baked beans are available every day with both Tuna Mayonnaise and Coronation Chicken offered on occasion.
Our Salad Bar has a wide selection of ingredients including green salad leaves, tomatoes, beetroot, sweetcorn and coleslaw. Additionally there may be Italian Sun Dried Tomato and Mozzarella salad, a Greek Salad with Olives and other seasonal specialities.

Week beginning: 22 January 2018

MondaySausage in a bun with onions Homemade Apple Pie with custard
TuesdayCottage Pie with fresh broccoli Fresh fruit and yoghurts
WednesdayBacon and tomato sauce with penne pasta Homemade Victoria Sponge
ThursdayChicken Curry with brown/white rice Fruit Jelly
FridayFish Fingers with smiley faces, peas and beans Cookies and Fresh Fruit

The menu is correct at time of publication but subject to change as circumstances dictate.

We endeavour wherever possible to source our ingredients locally, seasonally and from reputable suppliers.