Prep Juniors


We are proud that our pupils are happy, feel valued and are motivated to learn and grow in independence, not only in thinking but in being.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals who use every opportunity to bring learning to life, creating more opportunity for each child to take part in the many varied activities that are on offer to him.

We believe in small classes, so each year group in the junior school is divided into two streams. Teaching is class based in Years 3 and 4. Subject specialists start to be introduced in Year 5. In the spirit of ‘inclusion’ children of all abilities are both challenged and sensitively supported in their drive for knowledge.

Smaller classes enable us to concentrate fully on the individual child, nurturing confidence and developing self-esteem. Pupils are encouraged to enjoy their learning and develop their skills.

Maths Teaching – our step by step guide

Do your children ask for help with their maths homework and start talking in a foreign language, using words like ‘partitioning’, ‘chunking’, ‘grid multiplication’…..?

If so, you may feel the need for some translation. The booklet below is designed to explain some of the methods used to teach calculation at Kingswood House to support the National Curriculum and Common Entrance syllabuses. Please click to download.

Maths Calculations booklet

Year 5 History visit to Butser Hill

Year 5 had a fantastic day at Butser Ancient Farm as part of their History curriculum; it was like going back thousands of years and actually living life in Roman times.

We learnt some interesting facts about round houses and Roman Villas as well as taking part in a variety of activities that would have been the norm in those times.

We did some ‘wattling’ to make a fence before crushing chalk, combining it with earth and water to finally ‘clunch’ the fence in the same way a Celt would have made the walls of his round house.  We also did chalk carving and made some models out of clay.

Year_Butser_Hill_2016_005[1] Year_Butser_Hill_2016_015[1] Year_Butser_Hill_2016_032[1]