School Fees

2016-2017 Fees

Pre-Prep £3,375 per term
Prep and Seniors £4,395 per term
Registration Fee (non-refundable)£100
Acceptance Fee (refundable) for pupils up to Year 8£300
Acceptance Fee (refundable) for pupils up to Year 11 (£300 will be repaid by deduction from the first term’s fees in Year 9)£600

2017- 2018 Fees

Prep Year 3 - 8tba
Senior Year 9 - 11£4,750 per term

Additional Expenses

2016 – 2017Additional Expenses
Music Lessons£18.50 per 30 minute lesson (one term's notice required please)
Dyslexia/Maths tuition£32 for one 35 min lesson per week
£30 each for two 35 min lessons per week
Speech & Language Therapy£40 for 35 mins (single) / £35 for 35 mins (group)
Occupational Therapy£42 for 35 mins session
KHA Membership£6 per family per annum
Minibus£135 per term morning run
Breakfast Club£5 per session 7.30am-8.30am
Late Club£5-8 per session 7.00am-6.00pm

Additional Expenses

Activities and trips are organised by various members of staff and charges are made accordingly to the activity. Items such as the minibus, activities and trips are invoiced termly, in arrears.


Fees Reduction for Siblings

There is currently a 5% discount of the basic fees for the second or third child in situations where a family has more than one child at the School at any one time.


School Fees Refund Scheme

The School Fees Refund Scheme provides insurance cover for a remission of fees for pupils’ absence through illness or injury. Fees will be refunded for each period of absence from the School of more than five consecutive days. Only pupils who attend school for five consecutive days/mornings may join this scheme. Details can be obtained from the Bursar and participation is provided by payment of a termly charge.


Paying School Fees Monthly



Early Years Funding

The parents of each child entitled to receive funding from the government for three and four year olds, which is called the Nursery Education Grant, will be asked to complete Surrey County Council’s application form and provide the School with proof of the child’s date of birth – usually a birth certificate or, if not available, a passport. The Early Education free entitlement at Kingswood House School is offered within a package of integrated early learning and care.

Children are entitled to receive 15 hours of free Early Years Education a week for 38 weeks of the year. However, where Kingswood House School may not be open for the full 38 week provision in a year, the funding is pro rata for the length of each term, and the number of sessions offered. Kingswood House School makes the claim on the parents’ behalf each term for the entitlement to Early Education provision. The fee structure is as follows:



Morning attendance: £1,625 for five mornings per term (fees are worked out pro rata for less than five mornings)
0830 – 1130 Government funded free entitlement
1130 – 1200 Pre lunch session
1200 – 1300 Morning and lunch session including meal £2,125 per term for five sessions a week

Afternoon attendance: £1,625 for five afternoons per term (fees are worked out pro rata for less than five afternoons)
1200 – 1230 Lunch session
1230 – 1530 Government funded free entitlement
1530 – 1600 After school club

Whole day attendance: £3,250 per term
0830 – 1130 Government funded free entitlement

Fees – Reception:
Four year olds – All day provision £3,250
0830 – 1130 Government funded free entitlement