Entrance Procedure


If you are a prospective parent interested in Kingswood House for your son please contact the Admissions Registrar in the first instance, who will be happy to make an appointment for you to visit, or to advise you of our future Open Mornings.

Contact the Admissions Registrar

To view the School, register your child or book an assessment, please contact Mrs Helen Parker on 01372 723590 or email admissions@kingswoodhouse.org. Mrs Parker will also be happy to answer any of your admissions queries.


Initial Contact and Parent Visit

Prospective parents who show an interest in the School are invited to visit, either on an Open Morning or on an alternative day which suits them, when they will be given a tour of the School by a Senior boy and have an opportunity to see the School in action and meet the Headmaster and SENco if necessary. When you visit, please park at the front of the School, by the minibuses.



If you would like to register your child for a place at Kingswood House, please contact the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Helen Parker, on 01372 723590 or emailadmissions@kingswoodhouse.org. You will also need to pay a Registration Fee of £100 before being assessed. You may download the Registration Form below and send it to us via post or email.

Download a Registration Form.


Assessment Day

A mutually agreed day will be arranged for the child to attend the school. During the Assessment Day the child will have the opportunity to experience a day at Kingswood House and meet the peer group of the class. During this visit, the SENco will meet with the child on 1:1 basis to talk and do a few informal tests to assess the level of performance. At the end of the child’s visit, the Headmaster or SENco will meet the parents to discuss the assessment.


Offering a Place

Following assessment it may not be possible to offer a place immediately. The Headmaster or SENco may not have been able to receive feedback from the relevant teaching staff or information may be required from the child’s existing school. If the child is suitable and a place is available then an offer will be made. Written confirmation will be sent and once accepted Joining Details will follow.


Academic Scholarships

In November, a Saturday morning is set aside for meeting and testing Academic Scholarship candidates at age 6+. Application Forms are available from the School Office. Please Note: Parents have a responsibility to inform the prospective school of any issues/ conditions and disclose any reports both medical and academic relating to the applicant. Withholding information may necessitate the school reviewing their offer of a place.

Mrs Helen Parker

Whether you are just starting your search for the right school, or if you feel you have made your decision with Kingswood House, I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the school.